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Gas Monitors

Be ready for anything with our portable, lightweight gas monitors. Whether you are looking to rent a gas monitor for on-site work or to purchase a unit, we offer options for daily, weekly or monthly use. Gas monitors are used across industries as the first line of defence for detecting gas leaks on the work site. Unlike fixed gas detectors, our gas monitors are designed to detect a variety of gases and stay protected with a durable design. Hybrid alarm systems can detect levels of natural gas, carbon monoxide, Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Methane (CH4) and other combustible gases.

We carry gas monitors and calibration tools designed by Gas Clip Technologies, RKI Instruments, BW Technologies by Honeywell, MSA, and Draeger. These units feature:


Rugged, Waterproof Designs with a Protective Casing

Programmable Input and Output and Smartphone Setup

MSA H2S detectors are specifically designed for use in construction, fire services, mining, oil and gas, and utilities.

To find out more about our gas monitoring products and which unit will best suit your needs, give us a call at 780-955-8797 or email us for availability.

Gas Monitor Calibration and Servicing

As bold protectors of safety, we understand the importance of maintaining your equipment and being prepared for anything while on the job. Over time, gas detectors and monitors can fail due to environmental factors or faulty sensors, and calibration drifts can occur. Calibration drifts are changes in the accuracy of your gas monitoring levels, ultimately skewing your results. Every gas detector and monitor requires a mandatory calibration annually to keep your equipment accurate.

During our repair process, we check for physical damage to the unit, moisture condensation on the sensors, and sensor poisoning from instances of high gas exposure.

At NWT Safety Supplies we have an extensive rental fleet. Our factory certified technicians are at your service!

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