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Fit Testing

We have the highest level of respect for safety and planning ahead. As bold protectors of safety, we focus not only on supplying you with the latest innovative safety supplies but also ensuring that your equipment is up to safety standards so that you are prepared for anything. We offer qualitative fit testing services for full-face and half-mask respirators for each of the following programs:

Why does the fit matter?

Your respirator is designed to protect you from airborne contamination or gases. If your respirator does not properly fit, there is no guarantee that it will protect you in the event of exposure. Respirators are fitted with a filter that the air passes through, but if it is not properly sealed against your face, the air will find the next available opening. Every respirator should be fit tested annually in the case of facial changes due to fluctuating weight or dental work, or changes in size, style or model.

Full-face respirators, half-face respirators, filtering facepieces (N95) and SCBAs are required to be fit tested according to Canadian standards.

What to expect

During our qualitative inspections, we test your equipment for gaps in the respirator seal to prevent possible leaks, looking for changes in sense of taste or smell, and reactions to odours or irritants. This pass-or-fail test will require you to move around throughout to mimic any facial movements that could occur on the job. If you are required to wear additional PPE, such as safety glasses or a hard hat, please have them ready for your fit test. Our specialists are trained to perform fit testing and are ready to answer any questions that you may have. We offer in-house and on-site fit testing to fit your needs and schedule.

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