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Fire Services

Is your business or home prepared for a fire? Fire prevention planning may not stop a fire from breaking out, but it will greatly reduce the extent of damage that fire can cause. At NWT Safety, we are committed to helping you to protect yourself and your business to ensure that everyone makes it home safe, every time. Ensuring that you have the proper fire extinguisher and detectors for your space is the first step to being prepared for anything.

Our fire services include:




Maintenance (Annual + 6 Year)


Feeling unsure about what option will best fit your needs? When it comes to safety, there is no such thing as a bad question and our team of qualified experts are here to help. We encourage you to ask questions so we can help you find the best solution to your needs.

When do I need to service my fire extinguisher?

In order to meet the Alberta Fire Code, fire extinguishers must be kept operational at times, which requires regular inspection and testing. On a monthly basis, you should do a basic inspection to look at the pressure gauge, the fullness, broken seals, or signs of damage, corrosion, or leaks. Be sure to check the expiration date on each unit and replace as needed. After each use, your fire extinguisher should be recharged to ensure it is ready for the next use regardless of how much was used. We have residential and commercial fire extinguishers and services available to meet your needs.

For more information about your fire extinguisher, check out our Fire Extinguisher Requirements Guide.

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